Der Geheime Garten. 2019.

It´s a hot evening.
A very special atmosphere encircles this night.
I am excited and happy at the same time.
My clothing is already picked out and awaits for me to put it on. So shiny and beautiful.

I take a deep breath. It´s time now.

I walk along a small gravel path. It smells like flowers. I can already hear the music and its dull beats from far away. The music that I love so much. I notice a smile on my face.

I am finally here … I´m home … I´m in the wonderland.

Just a few more steps.
Nothing can stop me…

The Secret Garden.

At a secret place in Munich.
August 3rd, 2019. Doors open 9 p.m.


We’re looking forward to seeing you.
Your SubRosaDictum Team.




DJ Gillian [SubRosaDictum / Euphoria]
The Professor [Schwarz / Pleasure]
DJane Su-Shee [SubRosaDictum / BeatBall]




Dress code.

Sexy. Fetish. Evening Dress (Smoking or ball gown). You as an eye-catcher.
Latex, Patent, Leather: new.
Shiny, Lace, High Heels, Corsets. Show skin.
Dom: appropriate, stylish. Sub: adjusted.
Play: a lot of that.
Party – of course: hot.
Give a lot and it will get back to you.
And: Evening Dress in black (Smoking or ball gown) D/S. BDSM-affin.
Uniforms, Eyecatcher, Masks, Burlesque, Gothic, Drag, Cosplay. Shiny, Lascivous. Imaginative. No Everydayoutfits, no business suits, no T-Shirts, no jeans, no sneakers. No simple nudity, bare chests. Be breathtaking.