Der Geheime Garten. 2018.

Best of?

Thinking by yourself, while you were walking along the old wooden fence. The soft gravel  is crunching under your shoes, the leaves, which you were touching reaching out, rustling quietly.

My best of?

Putting your head back in you neck, stretching your nose in the warm air, gazing into the evening sky. The way gets narrower and your shoulders are touching the smelling flowers enjoying this summer with you. Your moves getting slower, you want to delay it. You’re closing your eyes, breathing  in, breathing out.

This night that lies ahead. Only a few steps to that inconspicuous door. And only you know what lays behind it.

Your hand encloses the knob.

And you enter the room.

Your best of.

Best of summer.


The Secret Garden.

At a secret place. In Munich. August 4th, 2018. Doors open 9 p.m.



DJane Su-Shee (BeatBall/CULTeum)
DJ Shady Miles (SubRosaDictum/Extravaganxa/Schwarz)
DJ Gillian (SubRosaDictum/Euphoria)



Your party photo, just for you.



Photos on the dancefloor. For the world.


Your outfit.

Be breathtaking. Sexy. Fetish. Evening Dress (Smoking or ball gown). You as an eye-catcher. Latex, Patent, Leather. Shiny, Lace, High Heels, Corsets. Show skin. Uniforms, Masks, Burlesque, Gothic, Drag, Cosplay. No business suits, no T-Shirts, no sneakers. No simple nudity, bare chests. No unimaginative.

We’re looking forward to see you.
Your SubRosaDictum Team.