Edition Austria. 2018.

“A very warm welcome Milady, Sir! It’s a great privilege that you visit us again. Did you have a pleasant journey?” The broad but sophisticated Austrian accent made me smile inwardly. “Thank you, we had a very pleasant trip.” My company looks at me with big questioningly eyes: “Whom are you talking to? There has been no concierge in this hotel any more for ages.” I took a look around and really, there was no dignified, liveried porter at the reception desk. The hall was empty…

Yes, we have to admit, that this time we have to fairy-kiss a sleeping beauty together with you. You still can feel the glamour of bygone times, especially for you we re-open the doors of this venerable property. Follow us, it will be even more than unique this time: since you will be our guest again.

A feast for the eyes. Meet friends. Relax. Cool drinks. Hot play areas.
Dark corners: Quiet, playable. Light: Loud, danceable.


DJ Gillian
DJane Su-Shee