Fetish Splash

Splish, splash, I was takin ‘a bath

Long about a Sunday night, yeah
A rub dub, just relaxin ‘in the pool

Splish splash … into wet pleasure.
A hot day. The cool wet.
The surface of the water glistens in the sunshine.
Sexy bodies all around the pool, do not bother with their charms.
Cool drinks in the hot sun. Feel the beat of sweaty music.
Let the hips circle. Move.
Let it go. Enjoy the moment. Scream out loud.
There’s ice cream on the cake right now.


Le Jardin de Babylone | Cap-d’Agde Frankreich

For the first time… under the sun of Cap d’Agde… Shiny, Latex, Fetish, BDSM… at the Babylone Pool.

Hedo [KitKatClub / Wasteland | Berlin]
Shady Miles [SubRosaDictum / KitKatClub | Frankfurt]

Pre-sale tickets Only. Limited Quantity.

Dress code:
Let us marvel at your outfit, not only paint, leather and latex make our Heartbeat on tours.
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