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Thursday, 11th of June 2020 at 8:30 pm

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This week we will be playing with fire!! In Fact, our guests will.


combines dance with fire and pyrotechnics in her shows. She will join us live from Paris and talk about the secrets of the world. As a dancer and performance artist, she is not only on the road in France and Europe with her shows, but all over the world, and she even takes her audience, with elaborate costumes and staging, into completely new visual universes.


” When I am on stage, I want the audience to explore the esthetic dimensions that deeply move me inside”.
– Nikita Klosewood


Bernhard from ⭐ GOLDPIERCINGART ⭐ also knows his way around fire. As a traditionally trained goldsmith, fire is part of the craft. In his goldsmith’s shop, in addition to classic jewelry, all kinds of piercing jewelry are made by hand. Since 2003 he is already fascinated by the world of piercings and under the name Goldpiercingart he has combined his passions and offers handmade piercing jewelry and also BDSM jewelry. We were on site and watched him in his creative process.


Not always with fire, but at least with light ⭐ FERDINAND ZANDER ⭐ does his crafting. At the age of 10 he got his first camera and the world of photography and film never let him go. More and more, the focus was on capturing the moment in a way that told a story. Since he also has a passion for BDSM and also for Shibari, it is not surprising that this theme also appears in his pictures. But mainly the human being is in the foreground for him. To stage him, to find poses and looks, to express emotions.



80er, EBM, Synthpop, NDH, Dark Wave

And if you’re not warm enough after our show, Mr. Bluhm will heat things up again afterwards. The resident DJ of the Black Opera and Sub Rosa Dictum.




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