Space Intruders. 2018.

Planetary alignment time: 2010.2018 10 p.m.
My chronocorder announces that the arrival at the assembly point will happen in a few  minutes.

“Get ready for surfacing!
Preheat the ion thruster!”

Everything runs smooth whilst the foam ripples along the shiny metal dress of our cruiser. Our bow lifts gentle out of the dark blue depths and rocks softly at the surface. Nautica’s cool water drips off and the drain valves begin to derive the heath of the ion thrusters instantly. I love this excitement right before the start, the delicate vibrations that run through the whole ship.

“Extend the wings, increase the angle of climb, initiate ignition!”

It’s almost time. The slick surface of the sea mirrors it’s heavenly guard in a pale light. I take a look back and everything is ready.
My heart begins to throb, our speed intensifies.
And the faster we go, the more is my joyful anticipation rising.

“Central power unit FIRING!”

Like driving on tracks, we’re floating out of the water, combing the clouds. The stars are already there to welcome us with sparkling brightness.

“Approaching Cluster 327 – switching to slip stream.”

Canta 4 is just a few Parsec away from Nautica and awaits us with open arms, offering a night of blooming gardens and fierce desires. I recognise the light, see the Stream and we’re entering a dazzling blue, drifting near a wild lilac and dark red, just to break free again from the nothingness into the Steam, where we’re looking upon the beautiful orange of Cantas.

Shy but full of curiosity I take your hand. Let’s go, escort me, follow me into these gardens and experience a night full of passion, pleasure and lov



Lilienthalallee 35.
80939 München.

doors open 10 p.m.

Viel zu sehen. Freunde treffen. Entspannende Möblierung.
Kühlende Drinks. Spannende Spielbereiche.
Räume im Raum: Dunklere: leiser&bespielbar. Play, dark und chill. Hellere: lauter&tanzbar. Beweg dich.



Annie O.
DJ Gillian
DJ Shady Miles (SubRosaDictum/Extravaganxa/Schwarz)