Der geheime Garten. 2016.

A warm summer night. I’m standing in front of the mirror, eying myself. I am wearing my most beautiful outfit.
A few accessories bought just for today, for this special evening. I want to impress, be seen, stand out.
Want to dance, see friends, be noticed by someone special. My anticipation mixes with nervousness. A garden of beauty, of lust. I am on my way.

A summer nights dream. People in patent leather, leather and rubber are all around me, in elegant robes or sheer nothingness.
I dive in, let myself drift along. Inside, the pumping beat is raising my pulse.
Outside, I hear the crickets chirp and see the shining of the rubber. Men in jackboots, holding a crop.
Women in corsets so tight, that it makes it hard to breathe. The fragrance of flowers tickles my nose, mingles with the smell of lust.
I see ropes, clinging to bodies like twiner. I stand there motionless, enjoying the atmosphere, letting it get to me, taking it in.
Slowly my mind is arriving. My senses are open. The game begins.

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