Kesselhaus. 2017.

Your soundtrack

Put on your headphones

The ride goes eight minutes forty one. GO!

Illuminated night, outside, colours licking up the walls of the impressive building,
your gaze travels upwards and loses itself in the black of the night sky, you’re not cold, but you shiver anyway, trembling with tension,

Music floats into you, barely audible yet, soon she’s taking you with her, you don’t realise your steps, taking you to the factory,
clouds of mist blow your view, fingers of light extending towards you, wanting you, you devote yourself to them, walking towards them,
silhouettes of people through diffuse light. Bright air drifts towards you, embraces you. Draws you into the kettle, flashes of light confuse your iris
you ignore your reflexes and look straight into it, into the darkness and the brightness, an ocean, a shadow play consisting of humming
bass and dancing humans. You close your eyes and step forward slowly, drifting within, arriving, wanting to stay, right in the middle of it
twitching bodies squeezing together. Taking you into them, you fuse, wanting to stay eternally close.

You arrived.