Kesselhaus. 2018.

Fresh fallen rain performs his steamy airy dance on the wet asphalt.
The oscillating bass from the nearby factory is interrupted by the clacking of your walk.
It is still enough time to turn away. But you heart feels the fascination and the urge disappears.
The curtain opens, the vitreous light strips your body like long fingers and the heat in you fulfils the transformation.
Your cape is falling off. Your body vibrates.

Your dance under his guidance, lust soars, the ropes – all is seduction like thousands of hands at one time carrying you
far away and you float amongst dark cones of light at the highest point. Your eyes realize the energy like thunderbolts and follow the
staccato of his commands. You are dragged, carried, reborn and trapped – unexpended and rescued. Until the feeling of security enwraps
you in her gentle plaid. To protect you and you give him your smile full of luck.