Austria. Vienna. 2017.

Now – right now. The lights of the Ferris wheel flicker through the side window as I’m passing by as if they want me to stay for a moment…

“You alone, you alone” it echoes in me as I dive in. Slowly it embraces me in a tight grip. How beautiful, how true.
The excitement slowly entering me. You whisper in my ear: “Finally, finally you’re close to me again. I haven’t felt you in me for so long.”
Nor me in you.

Breathing space. For a millisecond.

Get over here! Get very close, let me make you sweat. I want to watch you doing it. With me. With you.
Eyes closed. The flashes of light bounce of me and better into me. Your heartbeat next to mine. Your breath in mine. Now – right now!

Breathing space. Don‘t ever stop.









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