Welcome Home. 2018.

The anniversary year draws to a close and as a good old tradition we want to end it with Uncle Alfred – WELCOME HOME.

Only one evening. With you. The first and last time at this place.

It’s been a long time:
I just poured my second glass of Whiskey, the fireplace is crackling, the house cat warms my lap.
Old times, I ponder.
With you!

Oh it would be so nice to see you again. And this once here, where we can only celebrate now and never again – for in January the wrecking balls will swing into these rooms.

It’s my special and exquisite privilege to invite you:
On Saturday, the 8th of December 2018, please be with me at 9 o’clock in the evening.
My servant will send you my address until the 5th of December.

This time I’ll toast with you, celebrate with you, play with you and watch you meanwhile!
“I know I know” you’re about to say – with reason, very well. Honourable occasion, already tradition. And filthy.
You shall sweat, drink, celebrate, beautifully suffer, scream and climax!
All of it here, with me watching.
Let loose, I’ll safeguard.
Thus, hurry up.

So pleased to see you again,
Uncle Alfred
SubRosaDictum – Welcome Home

I have some spare rooms for you – but only a few, directly with me at the castle. Make sure you claim your suite here in time.

Hasso will be at the door and he’s happy about adequate clothing. So dress up!
I want you extravagant, wearing hot garments. Combine your latex or PVC, hot and smart. Polish and shine.
Be lascivious, obscene, and beautiful: I want to feel horny when I lay eyes upon you; Fetish, Burlesque, Drag, sexy, handsome, gay, gothic… it will be a feast for the eyes as well.



The Lovelace.
Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1.
80333 München.

doors open 9 p.m.

A feast for the eyes. Meet friends. Relax. Cool drinks. Hot play areas.
Dark corners: Quiet, playable. Light: Loud, danceable.

Line-up. Two Floors.

Herr Bluhm (Black Opera/SubRosaDictum)
DJ Beule (Black Celebration/Schloss Milkersdorf)
NICO (Utopia/Jardin Magiq)
LADYLECTRA (Electronic Sensual Sounds)
Benedikt von Amtwegen (Archiv, Neuzeit Records)



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