Wiener Blut. 2021.

Was hat der Bua
Was braucht er
Für a Medizin?

Geh schau
Geh schau da was an
Der was genau . . .

Wiener Blut
In diesem Saft die Kraft
Die Wiener Glut

Doch sind für eine
Hetz wir immer gut
Für dich und mich in Wien.
Wir präsentieren Wien

Auch im 16 Bezirk samme drin
Dort sind wir unter uns
Dann sehr intim

Wiener Blut
In diesem Saft die Kraft
Die Wiener Glut

Im steh’n
Im fall’n
Im lieg’n.
Wir präsentieren Wien!

Bis er erkennen tut:
Wir hab’n die Medizin
Der Dekadenz hab’n wir
An Preis verlieh’n

Wiener Blut!

(Song from Falco)


Ottakringer Brauerei
Ottakringer Platz 1
1160 Wien

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Gschäft zum Spüln und Vahülln

Jazzy Fashion

Orion Wien, Amstetten, Pasching, Innsbruck, Graz

For the SubRosaDictum – Wiener Blut on 30.10.21 in the Ottakringer Brewery, the following rule applies according to the viennese COVID-19-Measure Accompanying Ordinance of 1.10.21 as it stands today:
2.5 G rule, i.e. demonstrably vaccinated – demonstrably recovered – exclusively PCR tested – not older than 48 h.

Dress code.
Sexy. Fetish. Evening dress. With style. You as an eye-catcher and co-celebrator.
Latex, patent, leather: new.
Shiny, shiny, lace, high heels. Corsages. Show skin.
Dom: fitted, stylish. Sub: fitted, made to fit.
Play: quite a lot
Party – absolutely: in hot.
Give a lot, then you will get it back.
Show yourself: give everything.
And: evening dress in black, tuxedo or ball gown. D/S. BDSM-affine.
Uniforms. Eyecatcher. Masks. Burlesque. Gothic. Drag. Cosplay. Shiny. Lascivious. Imaginative.
No everyday or street outfits (e.g. regular business suit, shirt, t-shirt, jeans, sneakers).
No straight nudity. No ‘topless’.
Nix half-off: we want you whole.


Recommendations for you with password ‘SRD’:

Hotel Schwalbe, Degengasse 45, 1160 Vienna, +43 1 486 11 81,
Category A with bath/WC, minibar, cable TV, free W-LAN and breakfast buffet
Double room Premium at the price of €139,– per night, per room (2 persons)
Single room Premium at the price of €115,– per night, per room (1 person)
Parking: €4,10 special parking tickets; these are also valid at the Ottakringer brewery
Walking distance to the Ottakringer Brewery about 7 min

Hotel Exe Vienna, Ottakringerstrasse 34-36, 1170 Vienna, +43 1 404 55 666,
Single room € 96, double room € 105 -, triple room € 140 per room and night incl. breakfast

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